5 Copy Trading Tools to Help You Maximize Profits

by Nevena Jokic
5 Copy Trading Tools to Help You Maximize Profits

Copy trading makes online trading accessible to all levels of experience — for hobbyists or to grow a long-term potential income from speculation to accumulation. Or perhaps you want to be the expert who has mastered how price movements on assets will shift. 

Trading tools bring technology that empowers users to automatically mirror the trade of successful investors, reducing risk for those more risk-averse and potentially leading to a profitable business for the growing trader.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the burgeoning popularity of copy trading and review five top-performing copy trading tools. The reviews include the features of MetaTrader 5 and its integration with our trademark Telegram Connector trading software.

Understanding Copy Trading

There are two methods of online trading: copy trading and social trading.

In copy trading, you connect accounts with professional traders, also known in the trading world as signal providers. This allows you to automatically copy the trades the experienced trader completes in a “follow the leader” scenario, enabling anyone to use trading software to copy the trades conducted by successful investors. 

Social trading connects traders with experts so they can learn from their trades. A trading group shares insights within a community to share trading tips, enabling knowledge sharing by learning from each other’s experiences. 

The tools discussed in this article allow for both copy and social trading, so you can take an automatic approach or interact directly with experienced traders. Both involve sharing ideas and strategies.

The Benefits of Using Copy Trading Tools

The top advantages of using a copy trading tool include:

- Time Efficiency: Focus on your developing trading strategy and let the experts send you the trades.
- Access to Experts: Allow a seasoned trader with a track record of success to guide your trades. 
- Expert Trader Transparency: Evaluate traders by viewing the metrics and trading history. 
- Diversity Your Portfolio: When copy trading, you can choose many different traders and analyze different strategies. This hands-on learning experience enables you to become more comfortable with risk through successive online trades.

    The Role of Technology in Optimizing Copy Trading

    Copy trading tools use vast amounts of data and identify successful trading strategies to select top-performing signal providers easily. As it’s an automatic process, you can quickly execute your trades. 

    Telegram Connector's trading software uses AI to connect the best signal providers with traders, seamlessly and in real-time. You gain access to real-time data on successful traders.  

    - High level of accuracy and speed when trading.
    - Data-driven decisions on what trades to copy and what traders to trust.
    - Build a strong portfolio using Telegram Connector with quick trades with data that allows you to stay ahead.

      Selecting a Copy Trading Tool: What to Look For

      So many copy-trading tools are available, so here are some points to consider when choosing a copy-trading tool.

      - Ease of Use: Check reviews on the tool’s user-friendliness or take it for a test trial.
      - Fees: Don’t choose a tool that charges excessive fees that can strain your trading budget.
      - Minimum Deposit: What is the minimum deposit? Some tools only want a dollar; others request much more.
      - Trader Performance: Tools provide views of a trader’s successful trade history, so select one with a track record of success.
      - Supported Assets: Does the tool support your preferred trading asset — forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks?

      Your copy trading tool should protect you from market risks to help you secure your investments for trades. Check for important risk management features:

      - Stop-Loss Orders: These limit the potential loss on a specific trade.
      - Risk Allocation: Allows control over the capital allocated to each trader and asset.
      - Monitoring and Analysis Tools: These tools help identify risks and execute preventive measures to minimize potential losses.

      Top 5 Copy Trading Tools to Maximize Your Profits

      Copy Trading App

      Minimum Deposit

      Ease of Use

      Risk Management Features

      Fees/ Charges

      Supported Brokers







      Varies from 1%








      High Spread fees








      Subscription/Spread Fees





      $500 to $5,000



      Performance fee, spread fee








      Spread fees, inactivity fee




      1. MetaTrader

      This tool bridges the gap between experienced signal providers and novice traders. The successful traders offer their signals in MetaTrader’s signals market. Traders then browse through the signals and decide which to replicate automatically.

      Once you have found a broker and deposited money, these are the features, pros, and cons of the tool to consider.

      Key Features:

      - Large network of signal providers with diverse trading strategies on offer.
      Easy adjustment of trades and stop-loss settings to manage risk.     
      Detailed statistics on signal providers about trades to copy.


        Automatic trading at low risk.
        Novices learn from experienced traders.


          Reliance on signal providers can increase potential losses.
          Subscription fees may impact overall profitability.

          Minimum Deposit and Fees: Typically between 1% and 2% of capital.

          User Feedback From Trustpilot:  

          metatrader review - 1

          metatrader review 2


          2. eToro

          eToro gives you access to a leading choice of social trading software. With its wide range of features, you can seamlessly copy the trades of experienced traders. eToro suits both beginners and seasoned traders.

          Key Features:

          It takes just a click to automatically copy your chosen trades.
          Popular investor program where you have your trades copied to earn you rewards.
          Practice makes perfect. You can run virtual trades and practice without risking your money.
          It has many assets: trade stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.


          User-friendly interface.
          Wide range of copy trading features.
          Variety of assets to trade.
          Popular investor program.


            High spread fees.
            Limited customer support.

              Minimum Deposit: $10

              Fees: Spread fees, inactivity fee

              User Feedback From Trustpilot

              etoro review


              3. ZuluTrade

              ZuluTrade offers advanced risk management features. It allows you to customize your copy trading settings to match your risk tolerance and investment goals.

              Key Features:

              Customize copy trading settings to control risk.
              Track the performance of your copied trades.
              Receive real-time trade signals from experienced traders.
              Assets: Trade forex, commodities, and indices.


                Advanced risk management features.
                Performance tracking and trade signals.
                Variety of assets to trade.


                  It can be complex for beginners.
                  Limited customer support.

                    Minimum Deposit: Varies by broker

                    Fees: Subscription fee, spread fees

                    User Feedback From Trustpilot

                    zulutrade review


                    4. DupliTrade

                    DupliTrade is known for its low fees and wide range of supported brokers. It’s a good option for beginners needing a simple and affordable way to copy the trades of experienced traders.

                    Key Features:

                    Simple and user-friendly interface.
                    Competitive pricing and transparent fee structure.
                    Supports a wide range of forex brokers.
                    Track the performance of your copied trades.


                      Easy to use.
                      Low fees.
                      A variety of brokers are supported.
                      Performance tracking.


                        Limited risk management features.
                        Limited customer support.

                          Minimum Deposit: Varies by broker

                          Fees: Performance fee, spread fees

                          User Feedback From Trustpilot

                          duplitrade review


                          5. Pepperstone

                          Pepperstone is a popular forex broker that also offers copy trading services. It’s known for its competitive spreads and reliable trading platform.

                          Key Features:

                          Competitive spreads on a variety of forex pairs.
                          Reliable, user-friendly, and stable trading platform.
                          Track the performance of your copied trades.


                            Competitive spreads.
                            Reliable trading platform.
                            Copy trade feature.
                            Performance tracking.


                              Limited risk management features.
                              Limited customer support.

                                Minimum Deposit: $200

                                Fees: Spread fees, inactivity fee

                                User Feedback From Trustpilot

                                pepperstone review


                                Safety and Security in Copy Trading

                                Trading should be a safe space for both yourself and your personal information. Take these steps when choosing a platform and while copy trading.

                                Choose copy trading products with reports of long-term positive user reviews.
                                Safely store all evidence of contracts.
                                Compare the fees and commissions. As a beginner, lower fees are a good starting point. 
                                Use complex and unique passwords. Enable two-factor authentication.
                                Thoroughly research the performance and results history of the traders you plan to copy.
                                Stay proactive in monitoring your copy trade performances and adjust your portfolio if needed.
                                Consider keeping personal funds separate from copy trading funds. This can help mitigate risk in case of any unforeseen issues.

                                  Strategies for Effective Copy Trading

                                  Here are the key strategies you need to grasp as you strive to become a successful online trader.

                                  - Combine Auto with Manual Copy Trading: Combine automated copy trading with manual trading to stay in control of your investment decisions.
                                    - Selecting Trader Profiles: Choose a strong track record of success over any claims from traders. That’s why the data analyzed in Telegram Connector is so crucial, i.e. what traders are successful? 
                                      - Don’t Focus on Short-Term Gains: Find traders with a record of long-term success. Make sure any selected trades align with your risk tolerance. 
                                        - Importance of Diversifying Copy Trading Strategies: It’s a trial and error exercise. Try to learn different strategies from a selection of the best traders.    

                                          Maximizing Returns: Realistic Expectations in Copy Trading

                                          Misconceptions and unrealistic expectations can seriously damage your finances. Avoid any trader who tells you copy trading is an easy way to make money.

                                          Bear the following in mind:

                                          -  Addressing Common Misconceptions: Dismiss claims of easy massive profits and exaggerated claims. Focus on a long-term strategy and sustainable growth.
                                          -  Setting Realistic ROI Expectations: Novices need to grasp the risk/reward ratio, which is how many dollars are earned for every dollar risked.

                                            Look through the successful trade returns accomplished by expert traders. Note down their historical performance and typical returns. The data you read in your copy trading tool will help you get focused on what works. However, bear in mind that their past performances are not direct indicators of your future results.   

                                            Realistic outlooks on return on investment (ROI) vary in copy trading due to:

                                            - Market conditions. 
                                            Trader performance.
                                            Risk management strategies.

                                              According to an article detailing the 5 top copy traders to follow, there are very successful traders on the eToro platform worth copying. The review for one trader concludes there is potential for long-term success if you choose the right traders and trades: “This eToro trader boasts an average annual return of 27% since 2013, claiming that a $1,000 investment copying them from this early date would be worth more than $8,000 today.

                                              Advanced Tips for Seasoned Traders

                                              How Experienced Traders Can Sell Signals

                                              For the seasoned trader in copy trading in the forex trading market, this is a popular way to make a good income. So, how can an experienced trader start selling signals?

                                              It’s best to start from a track record of success. You have a strategy nailed down from much testing, years of trading, and studying trends. From this experience, you will know what platform is best for you. 

                                              After a period of success, you can start offering signals to friends and family. Make sure that traders can clearly see evidence of your profitable trades.

                                              To market your signals, follow these steps.

                                              - Promote through social media, forums, and trading blogs. Add content to these sites that show your skill and link to your website where your track record is evident. Some good sites are the IG Community and T2W.
                                              - Set a fair price and offer discounts to attract new customers. Add these details to your trading profile and website.
                                              - Stay in touch with your customers when they raise questions. Be as prompt as possible.
                                              - Don’t stop analyzing trades and staying on top of market trends.

                                              The Impact of Leverage on Your Trading

                                              With leveraging, traders take an approach that improves potential profits. However, excessive leverage can increase your losses and reduce the chances of profitable trades.

                                              The idea is to open a trading position worth far more than your deposit. So, your outlay is multiplied by factors of as much as 20 times the outlay. However, the broker places the bulk of the capital, and you put down a deposit, a fraction of the trade size, to reach a larger position in the market.

                                              Take a look at these examples of leveraging on IG.

                                              While margins are in place to avoid high leverage levels, you must be aware of:

                                              Transaction costs: commissions and spreads affect the level of your success and profit potential.
                                              With no transaction costs, leverage will not affect the probability of success, but you may lose quite quickly if it’s too high.
                                              Set margins to avoid high leverage levels.

                                                You can trade many markets using leverage, so check what your broker account allows. 

                                                User Stories: Success and Learning Experiences

                                                Here are two examples of success stories from Forex Academy, which interviewed many top forex traders with a proven successful track record. 

                                                Sarah Johnson: A Journey of Perseverance

                                                Sarah is a former stay-at-home mom who discovered forex trading as a way to contribute financially. She educated herself through online courses and tutorials, gradually honing her trading skills. When she shared her journey on Instagram, the experience led to a massive following and mentorship role for aspiring female traders.

                                                In the interview, Sarah stressed the importance of analyzing charts, patterns, and historical price data for the best insights into price movements. As a specialist in technical analysis, she truly believes that there will be a rise in cryptocurrency trading and that it is set to become “an important asset class for forex traders.

                                                John Smith: Forex Trader with 20 Years of Experience

                                                John’s emphasis is on staying updated on GDP growth and inflation rates. His style focuses on watching the economic indicators closely. He explains that “these indicators have a significant impact on currency values and can provide valuable insights into market trends.” 

                                                John's outlook on the future envisages a strengthening dollar in the markets. His experience with forex also led to a warning about its unpredictability. During the interview, he advised all traders to create "a diversified portfolio to manage risks effectively."

                                                A Quick Rundown of the Top Points for Traders

                                                Choose a copy trading platform with a good track record and transparent trading history from providers.
                                                Analyze the signal providers: their trading strategy and risk management.
                                                Choose platforms with a wide range of signal providers.
                                                Set realistic goals for trading and know your risk tolerance when making trades.
                                                Make good use of risk management through Stop-Loss orders, position sizing, and knowing when to stop trades.
                                                Don’t stick to a losing trade; adjust your strategy and try other providers.

                                                Remember, diligent research, risk management, and staying well-informed are key to trading safely and successfully.