Why Global Trade Forex Is the Platform You Need for Trading Forex through Telegram

by Morten Madsen

Updated June 14, 2023

Trading forex through a Telegram forex signals provider offers several benefits for traders, including real-time updates, convenience across devices, secure communication with end-to-end encryption, and the opportunity for community interaction and learning. Of the many signal providers in the market, Global Trade Forex stands out for its ability to find new and exciting ways to help traders profit from FX trading. 

In this Telegram Connector guide, we go through everything you need to know about trading forex through Telegram with Global Trade Forex. 

What Is Global Trade Forex?


Registered in Latvia, Global Trade Forex comprises of a team of professional forex traders and analysts with over 40 years of combined experience in financial markets. The company's primary focus is to support retail forex traders in achieving consistent monthly profits by offering copy trade signals and comprehensive analysis. Global Trade Forex provides services globally, leveraging the expertise of analysts and traders from around the world.

The trading experts at Global Trade Forex have a singular goal: to simplify the way traders of all levels trade forex with innovative signal services. The company closely monitors the world economy to craft the most comprehensive and accurate signals for its clients.

Global Trade Forex’s solutions are particularly useful for newcomers looking to break into the world of forex trading, as its signals are designed to optimize how you manage your investments and simplify the way you trade. The company offers a range of full-service trading solutions to prepare you for forex trading, teaching you how to mitigate your risks and earn more profit with every trade.

The team at Global Trade Forex works diligently, analyzing markets 24/7 on behalf of its clients, freeing them from the task of constant market monitoring. The company's unwavering dedication to providing guidance and fostering a conducive learning environment ensures clients have a transparent trading experience, empowering them to maximize profits consistently.

Global Trade Forex Services — What to Expect

As a leading forex copy signal provider, Global Trade Forex prides itself on being a reliable and accurate source of forex trading signals. But this is just one of the signal provider’s services. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when signing up with Global Trade Forex. 

Forex Signals

With Global Trade Forex, you can diversify your portfolio and increase your profits with its hand-picked signals designed to be low-risk investments. The company offers daily alerts/signals with a membership base of over 15,000. 

Although the company doesn't publish its accurate rate, the brand promises to achieve 2000 to 4000+ weekly winning pips and 8,000+ monthly winning pips. Global Trade Forex’s forex signal service includes 4-15+ daily signals with entry, exit, and stop-loss levels, as well as 1-3 targets per trade. 

Access to premium forex trading signals via Telegram starts at £100 for a month and £1,000 for a lifetime membership. 

Premium XAUUSD/Gold Signals

“Gold Rush” is Global Trade Forex’s XAUUSD/GOLD trading solution. This exclusive Gold-only channel offers real-time trading insights and guidance on managing each trade. Subscribers receive timely notifications and advice regarding entry points, take profit targets, stop loss levels, and more. 

The channel also goes the extra mile by providing recommendations on layering positions, closing partial profits to secure cash while trades remain active, and providing live updates on adjusting stop loss to entry positions for trade protection, among other valuable features. 

When presenting results, they only consider fully closed positions and exclude partial closures, ensuring the confirmed closed results reflect a higher figure than the stated final result.

Professional Forex Account Management

For traders who simply don’t have the time (or technical knowledge) to trade in the forex market, Global Trade Forex has you covered. For a minimum equity of $3,000 (for individual-level accounts), you can get a professional trader to do all the work for you. Profit sharing for this service starts at 50% and becomes negotiable for corporate accounts. 

EAs and Indicators

In the world of forex trading, an expert advisor (EA) or indicator is a piece of software designed to alert traders with instant buy or sell indications using real-time compounding algorithms. Some programmed software can even initiate and execute trades automatically, provided the trade meets certain criteria. 

Global Trade Forex’s EA/Indicators come with their own personal lifetime license, allowing you to not just maximize your profits by using the indicator yourself but also by selling the software as many times as you wish — creating a new revenue stream. 

Guidance & Support Solutions

Global Trade Forex’s experienced team of analysts is always available to help its clients navigate the complicated and overwhelming trading process. As a result, every client receives the most transparent trading experience with years of comprehensive knowledge to back every trade.

Final Words about Global Trade Forex

No matter how long you’ve been trading or if it’s something you want to dive into headfirst, the experts at Global Trade Forex have the know-how and state-of-the-art signal technology to get you where you want to be. Learn more about Global Trade Forex here.

Forex trading offers various advantages, including high liquidity, the ability to trade with leverage, a wide range of available currency pairs, and the opportunity to profit in both rising and falling markets. However, it also carries risks, and traders should have a solid understanding of market dynamics, risk management strategies, and analysis techniques before engaging in forex trading through a signals provider like Global Trade Forex. 

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