Installation Guides

Installation Guide for Telegram connector

NOTE: After installation of the connector and AFTER it's linked the asset list to MT4, please restart the connector


Step 1 - installation of Telegram Connector


1) Unzip the received files and open the Telegram Connector application. Unzip the files to your desktop or C drive. DO NOT UNZIP THE SOFTWARE INTO THE DOWNLOAD FOLDER!

2) Log in with the info giving in the email you received from us

3) Choose your country and type your phone number.

4) You will receive a code from Telegram. Type that code into the field and hit validate. After that press "Save"
NOTE: You will need to add an account before you can see channels on the left. See next step


Step 2 - Add your MT4 account


1) In the top menu bar -> press accounts and account info.

2) Press "Add account" and type your MT4 account number. Press "OK"

3) Select the account and press "Activate" and then press "OK"


Step 3 - Add EA into MT4


1) Open MT4 and go to "File" in the left corner -> open data folder. Then close MT4 again but keep the data folder open.

2) Go to the Telegram Connector folder and copy the folder named "MQL4"

3) Open the data folder and paste the MQL4 folder. Replace all items it asks to replace. After it's done please restart MT4.

4) Open MT4 and drag the EA into the chart.

In the common tab make sure to allow live trading and DLL imports are on

In the inputs tab, you will need to write your email.

5) Make sure that there is a happy face in the right corner of MT4

6) You will see your account in the connector go from red -> pause -> green.


Step 4 - Set up the Telegram Connector and asset list


1) Open Telegram connector and go to Tools -> settings at the top.

2) Select your active account on the left and select all the settings you want the connector to trade with

3) At the top, there is a tap called "available assets". Press that

4) In the asset list, you can choose all the assets you want the connector to accept signals for and trade.

5) If any of your signal providers use another name than the asset list, write the name in the alias field next to the asset. 6) Restart the connector

Now the Telegram Connector is online and ready to receive signals.


NOTE: After installation of the connector and AFTER it's linked the asset list to MT4, please restart the connector

Installation Guide for Backtester



Step 1 –“Force Download History” indicator


1) Open your MT4 terminal

2) Go to “Market” and search for “Force Download Historical Data” and download it

3) Drag the indicator into the chart and press ok

4) The indicator will now download historical data. It can take some hours before it’s finished


Step2 – Adding the BackTester EA to a MT4 chart


1) Open your MT4 terminal

2) Go to “file” and open “data folder”

3) Close the MT4 terminal again

4) In the data folder go to “MQL4” ->“Experts” and then drag the BackTester EA into the expert’s folder

5) Close the data folder and open the MT4 terminal again

6) Drag the BackTester EA into the chart andtype your email address and press ok

7) Make sure that the smiley face and “BackTester Reading” is present on the chart


Step3 – Adjust your settingsbefore testing


1) Open Telegram Connector

2) Make sure the account you test with goes from “Paused” to “Green”

3) Go to “Tools” -> “Settings”

4) You need to apply the settings you want to make the back testing with. Make sure to select the settings as close to the strategy you want to use with the signal provider you test

5) Make sure all assets are marked in the assetlist and that the providers names for the assets are listed in the alias column


Step 4 – Back testing signal providers


1) To start a back test go to “Tools” -> “TelegramBackTester”

2) Open settings in the top

3) This is the broker settings you test with. Make sure to adjust the Balance, Spread, back testing interval and time offset


5) Select the Signal provider channel and account you would like to test and press “Load messages”

6) All messages from that period are now loaded. You can deselect messages you don’t want to test

7) Click on “Data Quality” to make sure that there is enough testing data to run the test

8) The most accurate results are performed with a data quality at 100%. Click “Close and use all”

9) Click “Run” and wait for the testing to be finished

10) When the testing is done a window with the results will appear