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In the Future, This Is How People Will Day-Trade,
and Make Money From Forex Signals
Except the Future is Here…
Traders lose because the game is hard, or out of ignorance, or lack of discipline or because of both.”
- Alexander Elder (Author of Trading for a Living; World-Class Day-Trader)

Dear Friend,

Has it ever happened to you that you missed out on winning signals and only took action on the losing ones?

You were having a busy day, catching up with your tasks and you just couldn’t place the trades in time, resulting in you leaving money on the table.

Or your signal provider sent you the best signals of the day, that could have ended up generating double or even triple return on your investment, but you were out having fun?

In fast-changing times like these, it’s more dangerous than ever to rely on manual copy & pasting.

Sure, to err, is human…

But manually copying and pasting can easily end up wiping out your whole account, just by accidentally mistyping the amount of one single trade…

Manual Trading Can Be Great for Advanced Traders

But, what’s amazing is that for so many day-traders today, it’s literally ALL they rely on – never discovering that with a little originality and strategic thinking they’d find a way to outsmart the competition.

I’ve seen the power of this time and time again over the past years, after traders completely transform their days simply by realising that…

Sitting in Front of the Computer 14 Hours a Day Doesn’t Work…

Look, the fact is that most traders can’t compete with the likes of Goldman Sachs.

So, stop trading for a second and think about what you’ve been doing wrong…

The signals are profitable, the market is transparent, conditions couldn’t be fairer.

There is only one thing that these giant companies do better than you:

These companies have hundreds of dedicated day-traders that execute trades and research the market in every second of the day.

So, the question is…

How can you Beat the Guys at Goldman Sachs and Make Profits out of Day-Trading?

Well, you could do what they do…

Spend a few years learning the ins and outs of market fluctuation, psychology, behaviour etc.

Build a team of hundreds of people

Buy supercomputers and get into millions of dollars of debt Though, that sounds like a bit of trouble…

The thing is, that you will never be able to beat them if you play by their rules.

They only way to win consistently at trading is by taking the human factor out of the equation.

But don’t sit in front of a computer screen for endless hours waiting around for signals. That’s what robots are for…


My brand new software, Telegram Connector, was created to make traders lives’ stress-free, by using risk-averse settings.

It connects your trading signal provider’s Telegram group with your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 account, then patiently waits for incoming signals, and based on your settings it’ll make trades, without you ever having to sit down to your computer.

World-class trader, Alexander Elder said: “Traders lose because the game is hard, or out of ignorance, or lack of discipline or because of both.”

Telegram Connector solves this problem… Use Telegram Connector to get hours back every day, and have the machine trade for you, making safe decisions without risking your account.

Think about it. All industries get automatized. It’s time the ones that make us money go full auto as well.

But naturally, Telegram Connector doesn’t just copy and paste signals until doomsday…

I designed my software to operate smoothly in the background and have the precision of a surgeon.

Here’s a preview of the fully customisable settings that come when purchasing Telegram Connector…

Speed of Light – All signals sent to your Telegram group are automatically executed in your MT4 or MT5 account within seconds.

Fully Risk-Averse – Manage risk on every single asset and trade by setting custom value parameters. You can trade gold with a fixed lot and use percentage for Forex.

Multiple “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” Levels – Set your own custom SL and TP levels. Telegram Connector will implement them on all signals.

Various TP and SL Rules – You can set the EA to make your Stop Loss be your original entry price after the price reaches your “First TP” Level. And you can even move the new Stop Loss to this “First Take Profit” point, once the price reaches your “Second TL” Level. And this could go on and on and on…The machine gets the most out of your winning trades and exits trades before you’d start losing.

100% Control on both Market and Pending Orders – Control whether your signal should be a pending order or instantly executed. Define the maximum amount of pips the entry price can differ from the market price.

Auto-Expiry on Pending Orders – Set an expiration time on pending orders. It is NO longer needed to wait 30 minutes in front of the screen to then close a trade that would otherwise go through an hour later and would lose your money. TC will close these trades for you.

Multi-Language – Does your signal provider use a foreign language? No problem!The software can read any language with the built-in multi-language tool.

And much more!

To provide immense value, not only is my software updated continuously and looked after, but upgrades come out on a regularly, for no extra costs from your end.

I want Telegram Connector
Ridiculously Inexpensive

Telegram Connector could easily be worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to you in the long run.

And there were many whose opinions I respect, saying I should charge triple, or at least double of the price I ended up going with

However, I really do want to keep the price low to get it out to as many fellow traders as possible. We are living through some difficult times, and perhaps more people need Telegram Connector than ever before.

So, to provide access to everyone out there, I added on option with which you can get Telegram Connector for an inexpensive $34.99 for a full month.That way, it’s proverbial “no brainer” for anyone who trades on a regular basis – and quickly pays for itself many times over…

For a Limited Time Only, I also brought back the option for a Lifetime purchase, instead of paying monthly.

But! Is It Worth Buying Telegram Connector?

It’s a simple calculation.

Let’s say you miss five signals a day due to your busy schedule, working out, getting groceries or working 8 hours a day in your job.

It’s probably far more than five signals, but let’s take this number as the best-case scenario.

And your budget is low, so each signal is worth only $5 to you.

Not having Telegram Connector is costing you $25 a day.

Or $750 a month.

Or $9,000 a year.

Maybe more, maybe less… But what’s certain is that we are not even counting…

The times you mistyped the pins when manually copying them, losing out on opportunities or even wiping out big chunks of your account by accident.

The countless hours you spent in front of the screen waiting for the next signal to come

The anxiety you felt while the pips were going up and down.And so on…

Telegram Connector helps you take back control of your time and money.

There is Just One More Thing…

I almost forgot to add this…

If Telegram Connector doesn’t work as promised, simply send us an email, and we’ll give you a full refund.

We like to pride ourselves on being the company that goes above and beyond to ensure we provide amazing customer service.

Please check out our Trustpilot page where you’ll find numerous Five-star ratings there and raving feedback from our clients.

Access Telegram Connector
Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I change, edit or cancel my subscription?”

After signing up you, will get access to the customer portal where you can edit, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription.

“I don’t have an MT4 account, what do I do?”

It’s absolutely FREE to register an account with MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5.
There is an infinite number of videos on YouTube that will guide you through the process within 10 minutes, without even breaking a sweat.
However, Team Telegram Connector is here to help you, should you get stuck in the process. Simply shoot us an email, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

“Does Telegram Connector support all signal formats?”

The signal formats need to be in text format. Telegram Connector supports every text format. If there is any signal format that the software does not recognize, then please send us a message, and we will add it ASAP!

“What If I get a new MetaTrader account?”

You can simply add the new account to your license in the connector’s dashboard.

“How often is the software updated?”

Telegram Connector is updated every 14 days. The software is monitored daily and we are always ready to fix any unexpected problems (though we haven’t seen any significant issues for five months)

“Which broker can I use?”

You can use any broker you like, as long as they have MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 as a trading platform option.